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Our production varies from standard construction-related articles such as: tank lids, flat manholes, antenna poles, betonella and porphyry seals in various models; gratings with or without standardised frames; custom creations of grating and/or medium-light traditional carpentry related articles. Mazzacani’s pressed grating has always been synonym of security and occupies a very important place in the production of our Company. Its structure comes into being from the joining of two plates, a load-bearing one and a connection one that, being subject to very high pressure (hence the term ‘pressed’), join together until they form a unified body. This product combines lightness, resistance, speed and simplicity in laying. Its primary quality is the extreme versatility of use: its applications can vary from the civil to the industrial sector, from urban developing to agriculture or the food-industry. It’s used for pedestrian or carriage passages, suspended passageways, basement airways and for the creation of shelters to particularly dangerous locations.
The non-slip variety is also particularly advised for installations located on the mountainside, industrial plants and painting structures: the particular composition of the load-bearing plates, with a superiorly dented frame, allows to obtain a particularly safe surface with a higher adherence than classic gratings.
Particular attention must be devoted to the creation of gates and fences for their extreme simplicity in assembling. These are products that are increasingly popular as, for instance, in the construction of safety stairs, caged ladders, mezzanines and related structures, railings and parapets. Products not necessarily construction-related, but more to do with industrial carpentry, such as frames, carters, supports, trolleys, hoppers etc. Last, but not the least, the production range has been widened with the introduction of custom processing of carpentry articles in stainless steel. Our artisan’s history hasn’t, however, gone lost. Instead it has evolved contextually, maintaining unaltered the virtues of an ancient professionalism in classic processing of wrought iron and of carpentry in general, which accompanies and completes the modern and technological productions.
All of our products are treated with the best protective techniques as, for instance, hot-dip galvanizing that gives the product a high resistance to external agents and that, knocking down maintenance costs over time, guarantees its long durability. We detain certification according to UNI EN 1090 regulation for the production of carpentry structures with marking CE, with certified 2nd level visual monitoring staff.